Backyard Camping

2016-02-15 02:20:38 by ok123

I have another band titled Backyard Camping, and we have a few songs up, as well as merchandise, that can be found here:

Thank you.


2014-08-14 01:01:17 by ok123

Hello guys! I thought about posting a link to anyone who cared to check out my band. Even though no one really looks at my account, I decided to do it anyway! Heheh :)

Thank you thank you :O)

haha its been forever.

2012-11-05 17:36:11 by ok123

Missed you newgrounds. Glad to see you're still quite the fresh youngster i remembered. Really, this site is pretty fucking cool.

haha its been forever.

semi-cool stuff.

2011-02-11 17:47:38 by ok123

ummm. i figured out how to actually communicate with newgrounds now.